About the Fusor

I started the fusor project back in April of 2006 for a freshman physics project. It didn't exactly work out, with a 4-week timeframe, but I managed to get everything assembled 10 months later.

None of any of this would be possible without the following people:

Many thanks to all of them.

I definitely wouldn't recommend assembling a fusor of your own unless you're highly motivated and maybe a tad fanciful. It will soon eat up your time.

(I also don't hold responsibility if you try to do anything outlined here. You're on your own, for that.)

How does it work?

The fusor page on Wikipedia outlines the entire scheme of operation rather nicely.

I made a little pamphlet for an in-class freshman presentation last year, which also lays out how it works.

About Me

Hi, I'm Raymond Jimenez. At the moment I'm just a high-school sophmore (as of March 18, 2007), involved in some quirky things. I do this fusion stuff, along with origami, FreeBSD systems administration, and anime-watching. I also unicycle:

Raymond on a unicycle

You can contact me through my email, or through IRC. I'm also on AIM, SN: cyanoacry .

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