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Current Pressure
Poissor Camera
Room Camera

The pressure is in the ranges of:

  • 0.8-1.0 microns with the diff pump
  • 8.0-15.0 microns with only the roughing pump

Anything else, and pumps are off and it's slowly leaking to atmosphere.

The graph covers 5 minutes.

More detailed graphs.

The poissor camera will display black if nothing's operated at the moment. The room camera is positioned above the operating panel, pointing downwards. If I'm there, you'll see the top of my head probably.

Updates every 20 seconds.

This page isn't usually very interesting, as you might've noticed. I have pictures of when it's operating, though.

Fusor runs are usually done on the weekends, at 5AM PDT and 10PM PDT, and many inbetween.

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